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Certificate in Film Studies

The Film Studies Certificate Program enables students to obtain an interdisciplinary concentration in film studies. The certificate program will enable students to study this important field in a rigorous systematic fashion. Film is the major art form and communication medium that transmits culture, influences society, and both reflects and shapes human conduct. Furthermore, film links diverse cultures through depiction of national societies and through language exposure. The Certificate in Film Studies will therefore give recognition to a significant medium that generates innovative theoretical, historical, literary and creative methodologies. The certificate will enhance interdisciplinary connections among Modern Languages, English, Sociology, Anthropology, Architecture, Visual Arts, History, Religious Studies and other departments. Students will have a unique opportunity to access new films, film archives, film makers, internships and related benefits. This certificate will complement studies in other fields and enable students to obtain an intellectual background in the theories and methodologies of film culture. Moreover, it will enhance students’ visual literacy and competency.