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BA in English

All English majors take a common core of twelve credits and then specialize in one of four tracks. In each track, students choose upper division electives within the department and in consultation with their advisor.

  • Literature

    Students who find reading, discussing, and writing about literature to be exhilarating will enjoy the literature track. Exploring ideas that are socially, politically, environmentally, and culturally relevant, students will study multiple time periods and genres including film, deeply engaging with creative works and learning to think theoretically about literature, language, and society. With an emphasis on multicultural approaches to literature, students are trained to critically function within the increasingly diverse and global world in which they exist.

    Students interested in English education should visit the English Education major.

  • Writing & Rhetoric

    Students interested in acquiring advanced skills in communication, argumentation, and writing thrive in this track. Through coursework that draws on current research in the field of Writing and Rhetoric Studies as well as the diverse resources of South Florida, students become rhetorically sophisticated readers and writers who adapt to and shape the 21st century multicultural, multilingual, and digital contexts in which they live and work. Our graduates are successful business professionals, scholars, and teachers whose cutting-edge approaches to writing, rhetoric, and communication make them particularly attractive to employers.

    Faculty have developed a list of student learning outcomes that reflect our program goals.

    An Online BA in Writing and Rhetoric is also offered.

  • Creative Writing
    Do you have that story, poem, novel burning within you? The Creative Writing track helps students learn the craft of writing imaginatively by working with some of the top creative writing faculty in the country. Students study theory along with the best professional works in fiction, poetry, and non-fiction and develop their own voices in these genres through hands-on guidance and workshop feedback.
  • Linguistics
    The Linguistics track prepares students to engage with the linguistic diversity of our increasingly globalized world. Miami-Dade County is home to over 2 million people who speak a language other than or in addition to English. This track offers an exciting array of courses in language structure and variation; monolingual, bilingual, and L2 development and processing; language universals, linguistic analysis, and sociolinguistics. The track helps prepare students for careers related to language or language teaching, or for graduate work in Linguistics or a related discipline.

Advising Information

Career Outlook

  • Editing and Publishing
  • Public Relations
  • Technical Writing
  • Education Administration
  • Advertising and Media
  • Secondary and Post-Secondary Teaching
  • Law Business/Industry Management