ENC 4356: Writing About the Exile Experience

In this advanced writing course students will analyze how exiles have used rhetorical strategies to accomplish specific goals and reach out to specific audiences practice using those strategies in their own writing. The class may also provide a service learning component which will allow students to hone their writing and research skills through a sequence of research, team and web-based writing projects.

Course Objectives:

By the end of ENC 4356, students will:

• Identify and analyze how writers use rhetorical principles and devices to accomplish their goals;

• Compose a variety of texts to further their own goals and engage diverse audiences;

• Read and respond critically to various texts, including those of their peers;

• Develop effective writing strategies and processes for completion of complex writing projects;

• Use reflective writing to gauge strengths, weaknesses, and growth as writers;

• Understand and apply rhetorical strategies and persuasive appeals;

• Gain knowledge of exile literature and the exilic condition.