ENC 4260: Advanced Professional Writing

ENC 4260 builds upon the foundational practices and theories of professional writing established in ENC 3213. Students continue to develop as professional writers by applying the rhetorical skills learned in ENC 3213 to an expanded array of genres such as report, proposal, and grant writing; information design; blogging and web writing; technical editing; writing for professional journals; and writing end-user documentation.

Course Outcomes:

By the end of ENC 4260, students will:

  • Understand advanced professional genres such as long proposals, grants, journal articles, instructions/procedures, and digital formats such as blogs and wikis;
  • Write for audiences having varying levels of technical and subject matter expertise, including international/global audiences;
  • Develop document designs needed to repurpose content for multiple delivery modes (for example, by developing print, web, and presentations of the same report);
  • Appropriately adapt tone, style, and content to suit the needs of print and digital audiences
  • Conduct and incorporate primary and secondary research to support rhetorical aims, documenting according to the conventions of the genre;
  • Write clearly and concisely for print and digital genres.