ENC 3378: Writing Across Borders

ENC 3378 prepares students to write for culturally and linguistically diverse audiences for various purposes. By investigating the similarities and differences among rhetorical traditions—especially Eastern and Western traditions—and by reading texts that manifest these traditions, students will learn how experienced writers navigate different rhetorical traditions as they develop their own ability to write for global audiences.

This is a Global Learning Course.

Course Outcomes

By the end of the semester, students will be able to

  • Identify basic concepts of contrastive rhetoric and intercultural rhetoric;
  • Discuss how intercultural variables structure and correspond to rhetorical practices in written communication;
  • Identify and analyze different rhetorical patterns and strategies in writing across cultures;
  • Develop rhetorical strategies that meet the needs of world audiences and “target” language communities;
  • Assess the effectiveness of local and global written communication;
  • Develop written arguments on rhetoric and culture, supported by sound primary or secondary research;
  • Write in a style that is clear, concise and appropriate to different rhetorical situations.