ENC 3371: Rhetorical Theory and Practice

Rhetorical theory informs many of the decisions writers make on a daily basis. ENC 3371 uses both ancient and contemporary rhetorical theories as a lens through which students can understand discourse practices at school, work, and in other local or technological spaces. Students will analyze their own rhetorical choices and those of professional and public writers.

Course Objectives:

In ENC 3371 students will

  • Demonstrate knowledge of leading rhetorical principles, ideas, and terminology;
  • Analyze rhetorical principles, ideas, and terminology in local discourse practice;
  • Evaluate the impact local issues have on professional and public discourse, including those related to technology;
  • Use rhetorical skills to write for various genres, meeting the needs of multiple audiences; and
  • Use rhetorical theory to inform research practice in public and professional writing.