ENC 3363: Writing About the Environment

Because discussions about the environment frequently appear in a variety of sources at present (TV, newspapers, magazines, web sites, scholarly journals, film, and literature) the amount of "information" about environmentalism may at times seem overwhelming. This course will help students analyze environmental issues through reading, writing, and research. Writing projects may include rhetorical analysis, argument, and multi-media texts geared towards specific audiences.

Course Objectives:

In ENC 3363 students will:

  • Analyze a variety of sources in order to recognize solid argument, author credentials, bias, logical fallacies, etc.;
  • Evaluate various sources on how useful they might be to other members of the academic community;
  • Develop original arguments related to environment-related issues;
  • Hone writing, research, and publication skills;
  • Create effective multi-media presentations.