ENC 3354: Writing as a Social Action

In this upper-level writing course, students will pursue writing in academic and public settings. A significant part of the course will consist of students doing writing-related volunteer work in the community. As a class, we will also reflect, discuss, and write about issues of social responsibility in the 21st century. These activities can take a number of forms, from working as a writing mentor in a public school to preparing documents (such as brochures, newsletters, grant proposals, websites) for a local nonprofit agency. Through writing for both academic and public audiences, students will enhance their capacity to make positive changes in the world—through their education, through their careers, and through their civic participation.

Course Objectives:

In ENC 3354, students will:

  • Hone specific writing skills, such as argumentation, researching, ordering, and presenting large amounts of information about a complex social issue;
  • Write for different audiences, and for different purposes;
  • Practice considerate, deep reflection and higher-order thinking;
  • Engage in questioning and critical analysis;
  • Strengthen their interviewing skills, as the student explores what is expected of them at a given site;
  • Have multiple opportunities for the development and practice of good research skills.