ENC 3311: Advanced Writing and Research

ENC 3311 focuses on presenting and designing advanced research, critical response, and argumentation. Students report and develop their primary and secondary research in various formats, including argumentative and investigative essays, reports, and proposals. Students are encouraged to follow their research interests, to improve writing and research abilities, and to engage in critical inquiry. The course presents a series of small writing/research assignments (such as a proposal, a progress report, synthesis of previous research, field notes, summaries, etc.), leading into a longer researched essay of 12-15 pages.

Course Outcomes:

By the end of ENC 3311, students will:

  • Generate meaningful and relevant research questions;
  • Design and follow an effective research plan;
  • Demonstrate advanced ability to evaluate and analyze internet, library database, and print sources;
  • Conduct primary research (as needed) based on observations and interviews;
  • Effectively incorporate primary and secondary research into their writing, using appropriate documentation;
  • Produce documents that present research clearly and effectively, to a variety of audiences, rhetorical purposes, and genres;
  • Continue to refine their writing process, learning to revise their work according to self-assessment and reader responses;
  • Improve their writing style (word choice, syntax, and sentence structure) beyond first-year levels.