ENC 3213: Professional and Technical Writing

ENC 3213 introduces students to the expectations of writing in the workplace and explores the ways in which technology and media help shape professional communication. Students will hone their writing skills and study audience analysis, persuasion strategies, ethics, and working collaboratively. While students will practice communicating using traditional business genres such as memos, employment correspondence, reports, and proposals, they will also develop skills in document design, effective use of graphics, and oral presentation. Assignment topics are based on the students’ major, career goals, and interests.

Course Outcomes:

By the end of ENC 3213, students will:

  • Produce documents in a variety of professional genres such as memos, proposals, and analytical reports;
  • Produce documents that respond to the needs of multiple audiences, including international/global audiences;
  • Develop document designs that maximize effectiveness for the audience and purpose;
  • Create effective multimedia presentations;
  • Conduct and incorporate primary and secondary research to support rhetorical aims;
  • Appropriately adapt tone, style, and content depending on audience, purpose and genre;
  • Write clearly and concisely, with grammar and usage appropriate to the rhetorical situation.