ENC 3204: Advanced Business Writing

ENC 3204, Advanced Business Writing is an advanced writing course emphasizing workplace writing and professional communication appropriate to business professions. The course also explores the ways in which technology and media help shape business writing and communication.

ENC 3204 students will be assessed on their ability to fulfill the following learning objectives:

  • Produce documents in common business writing genres such as proposals, reports, electronic communication, and other analytical documents;
  • Develop or enhance rhetorical awareness by studying and responding to the needs of multiple audiences, including international/global audiences;
  • Design documents that maximize effectiveness for the audience and purpose;
  • Enhance critical thinking by responding to case studies and/or contemporary business issues;
  • Develop and deliver effective multi-media presentations, while integrating visuals, such as technical data in the form of charts, graphs, and spreadsheets;
  • Conduct and incorporate primary and secondary research to support rhetorical aims;
  • Edit for professional tone, conciseness, clarity, and overall fluency, with grammar and usage appropriate to the rhetorical situation.