ENC 2304: College Writing for Transfer Students

ENC 2304 introduces transfer students to various kinds of writing they will encounter at the University. Students will compose essays for a variety of purposes and audiences, and learn the conventions of academic research. Reflection about writing and writing processes is also a key component of the course. The skills taught in this class will help students in any major or career path they might choose.

For transfer students, ENC 2304 is a prerequisite for upper-division ENC core writing classes.

Course Outcomes:

By the end of ENC 2304, students should:

  • Compose texts that have a clear rhetorical purpose and appropriate audience;
  • Develop an effective thesis and support it with evidence;
  • Read and respond critically to various texts, including those of their peers;
  • Develop effective writing processes for completion of writing projects;
  • Use reflective writing to gauge strengths, weaknesses, and growth as writers;
  • Understand and apply rhetorical strategies and persuasive appeals;
  • Choose and incorporate citations according to academic conventions;
  • Exhibit appropriate syntax, grammar, punctuation, and spelling.


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