ENC 1930: Essay Writing

ENC 1930 introduces the expectations of university-level writing. Students complete four writing projects in multiple genres and for a variety of purposes and audiences. Instruction emphasizes critical reading and provides a context for the writing process that focuses on grammar/mechanics, sentence structure, and paragraph development. At least three writing projects will engage the complete writing process, from invention through composing multiple drafts. Writing projects are approximately 1,000 words. This course does not fulfill core curriculum requirements, and is used as a precursor to ENC 1101.

Course Outcomes

By the end of ENC 1930, students will:

  • Write with a particular purpose to develop a central idea with supporting details;
  • Develop a rhetorical vocabulary and apply persuasive strategies appropriate for a specific purpose, audience, and genre;
  • Read and compose in various genres to understand how genre conventions are shaped by readers’ and writers’ practices and purposes;
  • Begin developing the ability to adapt conventions such as format, structure, document design, and style for the chosen genre and rhetorical context;
  • Understand writing as a means to discover and reconsider ideas;
  • Develop flexible strategies for reading, composing, reviewing, collaborating, revising, rewriting, and editing;
  • Learn to give and to act on productive feedback to works in progress;
  • Reflect on your developing identity as a writer and your composing processes;
  • Produce focused and logically organized paragraphs and writing projects;
  • Use rhetorically effective college-level spelling, grammar, mechanics, and word choice for the target audience.

Texts (choose one):

Choices, A Writing Guide with Readings, 5th Edition. Mangelsdorf, Kate; Posey, Evelyn. Bedford/St. Martins, ISBN: 978-0-312-61140-8

Everyday Writing, Glau, Gregory R.; De Duttagupta, Chitralekha. Pearson. ISBN: 978-0-205-73659-1

Ideas & Aims, Taylor, Tim; Copeland, Linda. Pearson ISBN: 9780321956033

Required Text:

Lunsford, Andrea. The Everyday Writer. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s. Customized for Florida International University.