IMPORTANT: Alumni Survey



As many of you may be aware, our degree was recently profiled in the Atlantic magazine as one of the worst possible majors in the United States, as determined by graduates’ salaries over a 20 year period (a supposed factor by which “return on investment” can be measured). The study on which the Atlantic based its article, however, had only canvassed 62 of a possible 3000+ alumni from our department; the study also ignored any of our alumni with advanced degrees, such as a JD, PhD, MBA, MA, or MFA. In an effort to get much better data about what you have done with your degree, I invite you today to take this survey. It is my hope that far more than 1% of you will respond.

Click here to take the survey

Your responses will be used to continue defending the value of our degrees. No personal data will be sent to us.

Please note that we are sending this survey to all of you who hold degrees from the FIU English department, including our BA in English, our MA in English, our MA in Linguistics, and our MFA in Creative Writing. Findings about the salaries of the alumni of any one of these programs might be shared with our program directors and faculty; once again, let me assert that all findings will be aggregated, not individualized.

I do sincerely hope this finds each and every one of you well, thriving, and in the midst of a very good book, or a delicious writing project of one sort or another. Please visit us at FIU very soon, either online at our website or Facebook pages, or physically, on campus. We’d love to see you again! Please take a moment to fill out the survey

In the Spirit of Blue & Gold,

James Sutton, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Chairperson