FIU Writing and Rhetoric Program

Writing and Rhetoric

The undergraduate Certificate in Professional and Public Writing, spear-headed by the Department of English is open to all FIU undergraduate students. Firmly grounded in rhetoric, the certificate provides an opportunity for students interested in improving their written, oral, and digital communications skills in preparation for their professional careers and civic responsibilities.

The Certificate consists of courses in both professional and public writing. Professional Writing courses offer students the opportunity to write in genres such as business, technical and professional writing, web writing, editing, document design, and more. Public Writing courses teach students to use rhetoric, traditional, and multimedia forms of writing to affect changes in the world by enabling them to make interventions on all kinds of contemporary issues—social, political, cultural, and economic. Students select courses based upon their professional interests in areas such as technical writing, scientific and environmental writing, or community-based writing.

As an innovative component of the FIU English Department’s Writing Program, the Digital Writing Studio provides a collaborative environment where students will learn how to compose effective, rhetorically informed digital and multimedia texts, whether class assignments or extra-curricular projects. In a society with rapidly evolving means of communication, students will benefit from gaining both theoretical and practical knowledge of how to engage different audiences in a variety of mediums on matters of real and pressing importance.

Public discourse currently appears in myriad multimedia forms including video clips, podcasts, and interactive government reports. Effective public participation increasingly hinges on the ability to produce such dynamic communication pieces. Similarly, audio casts, video lectures, academic blogs and online multimedia presentations have all charted new directions for scholarly engagement that build on traditional lectures and paper writing.

Learning the rhetorical basis of how to choose appropriate formats and produce them well will develop Worlds Ahead global citizens, scholars and workers. Through the Writing Program, the Certificate in Professional and Public Writing, and the Digital Writing Studio, FIU’s Department of English is poised to engage and train the next generation of communicators.