Current Students

Graduate courses carry three hours of semester credit and are offered at the 5000 and 6000 levels. In general, 5000-level courses provide surveys of historical periods, themes, movements, or genres; while 6000-level courses focus intensively on more specialized topics, such as an individual author or groups of authors, or on a type of literature.

Students must complete, with a grade of B or better, thirty credits in such courses, plus six credits of thesis hours (for a total of 36 hours). The program is designed to be completed within two academic years. Within the thirty-six hours, students must complete the following required courses:

  • ENG 5048, Literary Theory.
  • ENG 5971, M.A. Thesis and Dissertation Workshop
  • LIT 5405, Literature, Language, and Society.
  • LIT 6970, Thesis credits (Students must take 6 hours of thesis credits while working on their Master’s thesis.)
  • Students who wish to become teaching assistants must also take ENG 6937, a course on pedagogy, as well as a one-credit Pedagogy Practicum.
  • Language requirement—completed prior to thesis—may be satisfied in a number of ways. Consult with the director for fulfilling this requirement.

Transfer of Credits

Students may transfer a maximum of 6 semester hours of graduate credit from another accredited institution. Grades on these transferred credits must be equivalent to a B or better. Moreover, these credits will be accepted by the graduate school only upon recommendation of the English department. Students should be aware also that transfer credits from foreign universities are very rarely accepted.

Additional Requirements

The University Graduate School oversees the process for obtaining graduate degrees. It establishes basic procedures, requirements, and deadlines, and it has final approval over the acceptance of the Master’s thesis and the awarding of the degree. The procedures, requirements, deadlines, and required forms are available at the Graduate School’s website.

We suggest that students review these materials early in their graduate careers—no later than the end of the first year of study—so that no forms and no deadlines are inadvertently missed. Because deadlines change each semester, students must take responsibility for checking for deadlines, which are published on the Graduate School’s website.


All graduate students are advised by the English Department’s Acting Director of Graduate Studies, Professor Asher Milbauer Students must make appointments to be advised through the English Department. They can do so by contacting Marlene Batista, Graduate Studies Secretary (305-348-248-2874) email


Guidelines for the preparation of proposals for the University Graduate School

Sample Thesis Proposal (Dead Link!)

Responsible Conduct of Research Online Training