Admission Requirements

Application, transcripts, and GRE scores should be sent directly to the Office of Graduate Admissions. Applicants should also send a copy of the transcript to the program director. Faculty from undergraduate programs should send letters of recommendation directly to Asher Milbauer, Director of Graduate Studies, Department of English, FIU, Miami FL 33199. Students requesting teaching assistantships should make that request in their Statement of Purpose. Deadlines for Fall admission February 15th and for Spring admission is October 1st.

Minimum Requirements for Admittance:

  • BA in English or a related field
  • Minimum 3.0 undergraduate GPA
  • A minimum verbal score of 156 quantitative score of 141 on the GRE (a combined score of 1000 on the old scale)
  • 2 letters of recommendation from undergraduate or graduate literature professors;
  • A personal essay (Optional: indicate a desire to be considered for a teaching assistantship);
  • A 10-page long research paper;
  • Those who might be chosen for teaching assistantships will be interviewed by at least one member of the committee.

The program is designed to be completed within two academic years. Students must complete thirty credits in graduate English courses, with a grade of B or better, plus six credits of thesis hours (for a total of 36 hours). A maximum of 6 graduate credits from FIU or other graduate institutions are transferable.

Within the 36 hours of study, students must complete the following required courses:

  • ENG 5048, Literary Theory.
  • ENG 5971, M.A. Thesis and Dissertation Workshop
  • LIT 5405, Literature, Language, and Society.
  • LIT 6970, Thesis credits. Students must take 6 hours of thesis credits while working on their Master’s thesis.
  • Students who are teaching assistants must also take ENG 6937, a course on pedagogy, as well as a one-credit Pedagogy Practicum.
  • Language requirement—completed prior to thesis—may be satisfied in a number of ways. Consult with director.
  • Thesis of 50 - 100 pages, directed by an English faculty member and read by 2 other members of thesis committee.