Program Description

The Master of Arts in Linguistics requires 36 graduate hours in linguistics, distributed as follows:

Required Courses (21 credit hours)

A (18 credit hours)*

Course NumberCourse Title
LIN 5018Introduction to Linguistics
LIN 5206Phonetics
LIN 6085Research Methods in Experimental Linguistics
LIN 6323Phonology
LIN 6510Syntax I
LIN 6805Semantics

B. At least one course on (a) non-Indo-European language(s), from the following (3 credit hours):

Course Number Course Title
LIN 5108 Language Universals
LIN 5574 Languages of the World
LIN 6572 Structure of a Non-IE Language


The remaining 15 credit hours must be selected from other linguistics graduate course offerings. In addition to the courses listed above, courses in pragmatics, language acquisition, pidgins and creoles, sociolinguistics, Romance linguistics, and applied linguistics are offered regularly. Students may also take LIN 5701 (Psychology of Language), which is offered by the Psychology Department. For any other courses outside the program, the students are asked to take the permission of the program director.


All students are required to produce a research paper of publishable standard by the end of their second year. (LIN 6910, Research Project for Publication I, may be taken to facilitate completion of this requirement.) The research project must be presented in an open forum at the end of the year.