Fall 2004

"Gullah Representations In Literature: DuBose Heyward’s Porgy" Char Eberly, English / FIU. Tuesday, September 21,2004

"The Development of Consonant Clusters in Bilingual Children" Mayli Someillan, Linguistics/ FIU Thursday, October 21, 2004.

Spring 2004

"Perception Of Language Varieties: Who Speaks the Best English/ Spanish...?" Mehmet Yavaş, Linguistics /FIU. Thursday, March 11 2004.

"The effect of L1and L2 in the third language acquisition: evidence from compositions". John Jensen,Dept. of Modern Languages/ FIU. March 16, 2004

"The Phonetic Realization of Multiple Copies" Jairo Nunes, Universidade Estadual De Campinas/ Argentina Tuesday, March 30 2004

"Sonority Revisited" Mehmet Yavaş, Linguistics/ FIU Tuesday, April 2, 2004