Fall 2003

"What Spontaneous Speech Errors Tell Us About the Structure of Sentences" Ellen Thompson, Linguistics /FIU. Tuesday, September, 2003

"Camouflaged Borrowing" Ghil'ad Zuckerman, University of Cambridge, University of Miami. Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Spring 2003

"Bilingualism and Cognition: The Question of Bilingual Education" Alfredo Ardila, Communication Sciences and Disorders/ FIU. January 21, 2003

"Metaphors: A Constructivist Approach" Ana Pasztor, Computer Science / FIU. February 12, 2003

"Gender and Number in Spanish Nominal Ellipsis" Marcela Depiante, Universidad Nacional del Comahue. February 13, 2003

"Sonority and Its Role in The Acquisition of Coda Clusters by ESL Spanish Speakers" Olena Drozd, Linguistics / FIU. February 26, 2003

"The Role of Linguistic Contexts on Aspiration by Spanish Speakers Learning English" Renee Wildermuth, Linguistics / FIU. March 12, 2003