Linguistics Programs and Offerings

Linguistics at Florida International University offers a variety of programs. These include:

- a 4+1, Accelerated Master's Program

Accelerated Masters

- a 2-year Master's Program

Masters Program

- an undergraduate Certificate program

Certificate Program

Courses are taught through the Departments of English and Modern Languages, with support from the Departments of Psychology and Communication Sciences and Disorders.

- Our Faculty span a wide range of expertise, across several disciplines.

Linguistics Faculty

- We offer a wide range of Courses in Linguistics, as well as an annual Colloquium series.

Sample Courses

Colloquium Series

- FIU enjoys two endowed programs, the Henry Truby Prize, and the Barbara Gordon Memorial Lecture Series.

Truby Prize

Barbara Gordon Memorial Lecture Series

- Our program was the organizer and home of five Creole Language Workshops, and until 2001 was the home of The Carrier Pidgin, an international newsleter in Creole Studies, edited by Professor Tometro Hopkins.

Please contact Prof. Virginia Mueller Gathercole, the Program Director, or Dr. Feryal Yavas, the Assistant Director, for additional information at or at (305) 348-3155