Colors of the World: Medieval Paints & Their Orgins

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Venue:Green Library- Room 220

The painted and gilded illustrations in European medieval manuscripts tell a story of both artistry and trade. The illuminators who created them made use of minerals, spices, and even bugs, materials which came from throughout the known world, having traveled along the trade route known as the Silk Road. In this interactive talk, Janice McCoy, from the Morgan Library and Museum, will lead a hybrid lecture and workshop, in which participants will be able to grind pigments to create paint in medieval fashion, apply gold leaf, and create a their own medieval illumination, gaining insight into both the processes used by medieval illuminators and the trade routes that brought them their materials.

Janice McCoy is an Educator at the Morgan Library and Museum in Manhattan, where she leads programs for students using the museum’s world-class collection of medieval manuscripts and other primary sources, covering such topics as medieval painting, Mesopotamian cylinder seals, and Gilded Age history and architecture. In addition to her work at the Morgan Library, she also teaches in the English Department at Fordham University.