NOTE: 2nd Tuesday in 2016 [1-12-2016] is the deadline for Fall 2016 admission.

The Creative Writing Program at FIU is a 48 credit hour academic curriculum leading to the Master of Fine Arts degree. It includes a minimum of 18 credit hours of writing workshop, 15 credit hours of literature, 3 credit hours of Form and Theory, and 6 credit hours of thesis (most students complete the program in about three years; the graduate school requires that a program of study be completed within eight years). There is no language requirement. Graduate workshops include short fiction, the novel, narrative structure and revision, screenwriting, creative nonfiction, and poetry. The program places great emphasis upon preparation and completion of a book-length creative thesis.

To apply, complete an online Graduate Admissions application and processing fee at Additionally, you will be required to provide to the Admissions Office a transcript(s) of successful completion of undergraduate and/or graduate studies at all accredited universities that you list on your application, (with a GPA of 3.0). Those applicants wishing to be considered by the program for financial aid should also submit current GRE scores. NOTE: For those applicants who have attended FIU, transcripts will be printed out and given to the Creative Writing Program by Graduate Admissions.

Once the Admissions office has received your application, it will, in turn, be available electronically to the Creative Writing Program and to you. To check the status of your application,and/or transcripts, go to

In addition to University requirements, the Program requires: 1) two letters of recommendation to the director; 2) writing samples (see below); and 3) a letter stating your writing interest and background (see below). You must also have completed a minimum of 9 semester hours of undergraduate coursework in Creative Writing. These items should be sent DIRECTLY TO the Creative Writing Program as Word or PDF attachments by you and, for the recommendation letters, your recommenders. Email items 1-3 to CAMPBET@FIU.EDU. Letters should be from teachers or editors familiar with your writing and should address your potential as a writer and graduate student. If you are applying to be a teaching assistant, they should discuss your potential as a teacher as well.

Most important is the submission of samples of your creative work in the genre you intend to emphasize during your studies at F.I.U. (up to 20 pages of poetry; up to 35 pages of fiction or creative non-fiction; screenplay, first 30 pages plus a synopsis.) The writing samples AND letter stating your writing interest and background MUST be sent to the department (both in hardcopy AND Word or PDF formats) via email to CAMPBET@FIU.EDU. NOTE: ALL samples must state the genre type on each submission as well as in the header of the e-submission. Admission is competitive for those students who meet the minimum admission requirements, as space is limited. Fulfilling the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission. Admission to the program will depend primarily upon the strength of the manuscript submitted.

A limited number of tuition fee waivers, fellowships and teaching assistantships with a Fall/Spring semester stipend of approximately $9,500 are available. Notify the Program Director, in writing, if you are interested in being nominated for financial assistance—these positions will require various instructional and research activities. To be eligible to receive tuition remission, you must file a Financial Aid Form (FAF), available from the Financial Aid Office or go online to, even if you do not expect to show "need."

To see the university requirements for graduate degree programs, please go to the Graduate School website: F.I.U. Graduate School policy generally limits transfer of graduate credits taken at other institutions to six (6) semester hours and requires that all coursework taken toward the degree be completed within an eight-year time span. The Creative Writing faculty suggest three years as the average time for a student to complete the program.

Send transcripts and GRE scores ONLY to:

Office of Graduate Admissions
P.O. Box 659004
Miami FL 33265-9004

Letters of Recommendation, Writing Samples and Letters of Interest and Background should be mailed to:

Florida International University-BBC
Creative Writing Program
3000 NE 151 Street, AC1-335
North Miami FL 33181
Attn.: Terese Campbell