Busy MFA, JJ Colagrande, Launches Book and Small Press

Reduce Heat Continue to Boil is flush with details and subplots, including a look into the stripper world, a journey to a music festival, a horrible accident, an encounter with a super-star basketball player, and a lethal hurricane. The characters must overcome more than most Millennials will ever face or they’ll lose their sanity, heart and the city they love to hate, Miami.*

Book Cover Jimena Quintero is anxious, beautiful and filled with wanderlust. Stuck in a cubicle, trapped in a crumbling marriage, she's haunted by her childhood and family secrets. That is until she meets Alex Lane, a local Wynwood bar owner.

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Praise for Reduce Heat Continue to Boil

"Reduce Heat and Continue to Boil is more than a coming-of-age story of an engaging protagonist and the city she lives in. It attempts to re-brand Miami for the 21st century. So hold on for a wild new ride, you're not going to want to get off." Stuart Chase, President, History Miami Museum

"J.J. Colagrande is one of the only writers to reflect the real Miami..." The Prism Music Group

"J.J. Colagrande's third novel is his best yet. It's sexy, fun and a fast-paced look into a side of Miami most will never see or truly understand." Robert William Founder, Wynwood Map

JJ photo J.J. Colagrande is the author of the novels Headz and Deco. He is a Professor at Miami Dade College and earned his MFA from Florida International. J.J. is also a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and believes there is hope for Miami.

About Jitney Books:


Miami is a rich city, not so much in materials, not as much as people perceive, but certainly, we are rich in character, diversity, culture, talent –we are innovative, co-operative, growing and independent. You have to live in Miami to understand Miami. And believe us, there is much to understand.

For example, the Jitney. It is unique to our city — the Miami Mini Bus running up and down NE 2nd Avenue. The Jitney is inspired from Haitian culture, where jitney or tap-taps serve as public means of transportation. The Jitney delivers. The Jitney rocks. Jitney Books wishes to serve as a co-operative reflecting what you may not see, our streets and culture. And the pioneers of this renaissance.


Jitney Books is also uniquely a micro-publishing company focused on producing only original titles by local authors writing local stories with the intention of this material being produced into film or plays by local filmmakers or playwrights. All cover art will always feature local artists and photographers. We are interested in the city of Miami, but also its media market, which stretches from Key West to West Palm Beach. All intellectual property rights will always remain with the artists and authors. And all we want to do is share the love.

JJ Colagrande, Founding Editor, Jitney Books