Alumni Books

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Annik Adey-Babinski
Okay Cool No Smoking Love Pony

Elisa Albo
Each Day More
Passage to America

Preston Allen
All or Nothing
Churchboys & Other Sinners
Every Boy Should Have a Man
Hoochie Mama
Jesus Boy

Sandra Rodriquez Barron
The Heiress of Water
Stay with Me

Jan Becker
The Sunshine Chronicles

Dan Bentley-Baker
The Paper Boat

Richard Blanco
Boston Strong
City of a Hundred Fires
Directions to the Beach of the Dead
For All of Us, One Today
Looking for the Gulf Motel
Matters of the Sea/Cosas del Mar: A Poem Commemorating a New Era in US-Cuba Relations
One Today
Place of Mind
The Prince of Los Cocuyos

Lynn Kiele Bonasia
Countess Nobody
Some Assembly Required
Summer Shift

Susan Briante
Pioneers in the Study of Motion
The Market Wonders
Utopia Minus

Tracey Broussard
Irrepressible Appetites (editor)

Marci Calabretta Cancio-Bello
Hour of the Ox
Last Train to the Midnight Market

Cathleen Chambless

Joseph Clifford
Choice Cuts
December Boys
Give up the Dead
Hard Sentences
Junkie Love
Just to Watch Them Die (editor)
Trouble in the Heartland
Wake the Undertaker

JJ Colagrande
Reduce Heat Continue to Boil

Pete J Collins
Pain & Gain

Michael Creeden
All Your Lies Came True

P. Scott Cunningham
Chapbook of Poems for Morton Feldman
Ya Te Veo

Dawn Davies
Mothers of Sparta

Anjanette Delgado
The Clairvoyant of Calle Ocho
The Heartbreak Pill

Patricia Engel
It’s Not Love, It’s Just Paris
Veins of the Ocean

John W. Evans
No Season
Should I Still Wish
The Consolations
Young Widower

Cecilia Fernandez
Leaving Little Havana

Chloe Firetto-Toomey
Cabbage Flower

Michele-Jessica Fievre
A Sky the Color of Chaos
So Spoke the Earth: the Haiti I Knew, the Haiti I Know, the Haiti I Want to Know

Ariel Francisco
All My Heroes Are Broke
Before Snowfall, After Rain

Anthony Gagliano
Straits of Fortune
The Emperor’s Club

Corey Ginsberg
Bowling in the Bumper Lane
The Cold Side of the Pillow

Sharon Hartley
Accidental Bodyguard
Her Cop Protector
Stranded With the Captain
To Trust a Cop
The South Beach Search

Vicki Hendricks
Cruel Poetry
Fur People
Iguana Love
Miami Purity
Sky Blues
Voluntary Madness

Claire Ibarra
Vortex of Our Affections

Ashley M. Jones
Magic City Gospel

Fabienne Josaphat
Dancing in the Baron’s Shadow
So Spoke the Earth: the Haiti I Knew, the Haiti I Know, the Haiti I Want to Know (editor)

Majorie Klein
Test Pattern

Christine Kling
Surface Tension (volume one of Seychelle Sullivan)
Cross Current (volume two of Seychelle Sullivan)
Bitter End (volume three of Seychelle Sullivan)
Knight’s Cross (Shipwreck Adventures)
Dragon’s Triangle (Shipwreck Adventures)
Circle of Bones (Shipwreck Adventures)
Sea Bitch
Wrecker’s Key

Dave Landsberger
American Nature Presents #1
Suicide by Jaguar
The Fast and the Orpheus
Whoa, Yeah, Baby

Dennis Lehane
A Drink Before the War
Darkness, Take My Hand
Gone, Baby, Gone
Live by Night
Moonlight Mile
Mystic River
Prayers for Rain
Shutter Island
The Drop
The Given Day
World Gone By

Louis K. Lowy
Die Laughing
To Dream: Anatomy of Humachine I

Alexandra Lytton Regalado

Jennifer Martiza McCauley
Scar On/Scar Off

Rita Maria Martinez
The Jane and Bertha in Me

Yousi Mazpule
Jinetera, Story of a Cuban Prostitute

Laura McDermott-Matheric
Visions on Alligator Alley

Jesse Millner
Dispatches from the Department of Supernatural Explanation
The Neighborhoods of My Past Sorrow

Lyn Millner
The Allure of Immortality

Norman Minnick
Between Water and Song (editor)
To Taste the Water

Ellene Moore
The Dark Edge of the Bluff

Leonard Nash
You Can’t Get There From Here

Melanie Neale
Boat Girl: A Memoir of Youth, Love, and Fiberglass

Caren Schnur Neile
Florida Lore: The Barefoot Mailman, Cowboy Bone Mizell, the Tallahassee Witch and Other Tales

Virginia “Ginny” Oesterle Rorby
Dolphin Sky
How to Speak Dolphin
Hurt Go Happy
Lost in the River of Grass
The Outside of a Horse

Kitty “Eloise” Oliver
Multicolored Memories of a Black Southern Girl
Multicultural Reflections on Race and Change Race and Change in Hollywood, Florida

Lauren Doyle Owens
The Other Side of Everything

Barbara Parker
Blood Relations
Criminal Justice
Suspicion of Betrayal
Suspicion of Deceit
Suspicion of Guilt
Suspicion of Innocence
Suspicion of Madness
Suspicion of Malice
Suspicion of Rage
Suspicion of Vengeance
The Dark of Day
The Perfect Fake

Neil Plakcy
A Cold Wind
Children of Noah
Dog is in the Details
Ghost Ship
Love on the Boil
Nobody Rides for Free
The Next One Will Kill You
Three Wrong Turns in the Desert
Under the Waterfall

Nina Romano
Coffeehouse Mediations
Cooking Lessons
Faraway Confections
In America (Wayfarer Trilogy)
Lemon Blossoms (Wayfarer Trilogy)
She Wouldn’t Sing at My Wedding
The Other Side of the Gates
The Secret Language of Women (Wayfarer Trilogy)

Jay Snodgrass
Monster Zero

Emma Trelles
Little Spells

Laura Valeri
Safe in Your Head
The Kind of Things Saints Do

Ian Vasquez
In The Heat
Lonesome Point
Mr. Holligan

Norma Watkins
That Woman From Mississippi
The Last Resort: Taking the Mississippi Cure

Ellen Wehle
The Ocean Liner’s Wake

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