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Prague Study Abroad Program

2011 Program Application

2011-2012 Itinerary

Florida International University's Czech Summer Program was founded in 1992 as an academically-accredited program that offers students the opportunity to receive upper-division credits in English, Film Studies, Architecture, European Studies, History and Women's Studies in the Czech Republic. Arrangements may also be made to fulfill requirements in other disciplines.

The program is constructed to meet the high expectations you have about studying abroad. In a group environment, you will have the necessary time to discover Prague and Slovakia and experience history in the making as these two countries emerge from over 40 years of totalitarian rule. Many out-of-class activities and trips are scheduled which will enhance your academic study in the classroom since we want you to take full advantage of your experience living in this exciting area of the world. The classes will be lecture/discussion style with materials provided before you leave the U.S. to allow for advance preparation. The various courses will be taught by professors at Charles University in Prague as well as your accompanying professors from FIU.

This unique, four week program will provide you with the opportunity to gain knowledge academically as well as socially, culturally, and internationally. In addition, the cost of the program is comparatively low, since the Czech Republic is still in the process of regaining its status among Western democracies.

Prague: The Central Focus

The Czech Republic has emerged from over forty brutal years of communism and another seven of Nazi occupation to form a democratic society now open to the world. The country is geographically at the center of Europe. By living in its beautiful capital city, Prague, you will learn about and experience these changes within its borders and with its neighbors.

The Czech Republic has a very stable political environment, skilled workers, a solid educational system, and competitive industries. Prague is proud to be recognized as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. These elements, along with former President and dissident playwright, Vaclav Havel, have enabled this country to be one of the most successful new nations in Central and Eastern Europe.