Mission Statement


Located in the innovative School of the Environment, Arts and Society, the Department of English is dedicated to advancing global awareness and local engagement through reading, writing, and critical thinking. As we pursue high-quality teaching, research, and creative activities, the faculty in English discover and disseminate new knowledge about the ways in which language, literature, writing and culture shape—and are shaped by—social, cultural, linguistic, and physical environments at a scale both intimate (local) and expansive (global).

The Department of English offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in literature, linguistics, creative writing, and composition and rhetoric, and provides FIU students across disciplines an opportunity to enroll in classes representing all areas of English study. We also recognize that preparing students for a global workforce demands cutting-edge cultural and technological literacy. Thus, we also encourage students to go beyond traditional approaches to English by exploring innovative developments in exciting areas. These include

multiculturalism and multilingualism global film and media exile and diaspora studies multi-ethnic literature and transnational cultural studies transatlantic studies and postcolonial theory women’s, gender, and sexuality studies and queer theory socio- and psycho-linguistics critical and cultural theory creative and technical writing the digital humanities

From the oldest texts in Anglo-Saxon to the most recent works in a wide range of World Englishes, our classes and degree programs provide students with a rigorous and rewarding interdisciplinary curriculum that fosters inquiry into both literary and non-literary aesthetic forms and practices, and inspires students to consider English as it meets, engages, intersects, and diverges from other languages, societies and cultures across time and around the world.

We understand that English is dynamic rather than static, a conviction affirmed by each of us in our daily lives in the large urban environment encompassing the Miami metropolitan area. Florida International University—and the city and region it serves—is often defined by the migrations of individuals, communities, languages and cultures from across the globe. This is what makes both FIU and Miami both powerfully unique and rewardingly diverse. Our commitment is to train new generations of professionals in the rich history and vibrant present moment of English as a medium of communication, creativity, and meaning, and to anticipate the forward movement of English in the 21st century.