Alumni and Friends

Greetings Alumni and Friends:

We reserved this section of our website specifically for you, in hopes that it will serve not only as a resource for alumni hoping to remain connected to the University, the Department of English, and fellow graduates, but to also provide other interested parties with some insight into the distinguished history of our Department and the alumni, faculty, students and staff who have helped shape—and in many ways continue to shape—that history.

To discover ways to support the Department of English, please contact our Department Chair James Sutton or call 305-348-2874.


The Florida International University English Alumni Board provides a platform for engagement, opportunity and support, for both our Students and our Alumni, in order to bring the Department of English’s past together with its present, as well its future. As part of its Mission, the Board shall promote the University and the Department, along with its faculty, its staff, its students and its alumni.

Consistent with the values of Florida International University and the Department of English, the English Alumni Board shall:

1) Honor Florida International University and the Department of English through its excellence in work and its excellence in service;

2) Work with Florida International University, its various Colleges and its Alumni Association, to promote both the University and the Department of English;

3) Engage our community, within and outside of the University, in order to foster the positive presence of the Department of English, both on campus and in our communities;

4) Promote greater visibility and awareness of the Department of English, while highlighting the personal and professional diversity of our local and national alumni;

5) Foster the connections and affinities our Alumni have to the Department, in order to strengthen the bridge between the Department and its past students;

6) Serve the English Department, its current students, alumni, faculty and staff through mentorship, communication and involvement; and

7) Create and establish a legacy program for alumni and students, in order to foster a perpetual relationship between the Department’s past, present and future classes.

In doing so, the Alumni Board shall leverage the excellence and diversity of the Department's proud Graduates to assist and advance the above goals. The result shall be to fortify that Affinity that began when we first walked on to Florida International University’s campus; that was nurtured within us with each lesson taught by Department of English’s passionate and dedicated staff; and that calls us back to serve the University and this Department today.